About Us

Where It All Started

Growing up in the colourful country that is India, we learnt from a young age how important smells can be. From warning signals to big celebrations, our sense of smell is one of the most exciting ways we experience life.

From picking fresh flowers like Jasmin and Roses in our grandparent’s garden to lighting sandalwood during our morning prayers, incense became synonymous with a happy, calm and peaceful way of life.

It is this understated yet empowering feeling that we want to spread with our range of incense sticks. Expertly picked out and crafted using the most traditional and authentic methods. Fresh, uplifting, energising whilst also allowing you to unwind and relax, we are curating a range like no other.

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Building Our Community

Nothing in life is enjoyed alone, in fact, the majority of our special memories related to incense are shared with our friends and family. We want to be able to invite you to our Dhūpa Club and share these experiences with likeminded people.

Whether you’re a yogi or just wanting to be more mindful, our Dhūpa Club promises to be a safe haven for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Not only do we aim to share the best fragrances and incense from the sub-continent, but our Dhūpa Club is full of advice and guidance on how to live a more peaceful and mindful life, a Dhūpa way of life.

How We Make Our Incense

Our incense sticks are made using the freshest hand-picked flowers from around India and hand-rolled using traditional and authentic methods. From stalk to stick, our process undergoes great scrutiny to ensure only the highest quality, luxury incense make it into our boxes.

Looking After Our Planet

Luxury doesn't have to come at a huge natural expense. We believe strongly in looking after our planet and doing our bit to preserve its natural beauty.

All of our products are sourced and made ethically, will always be 100% free from any harmful chemicals and never tested on animals. We are always looking to be more mindful and eco-friendly in running our business and welcome any suggestions.